Visualizing Preterm Birth in the Bay Area

Prematurity is an epidemic with devastating consequences. Being born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is the leading cause of death worldwide in babies and children under age of 5, and can lead to lifelong health issues.

Use this data visualization application to explore rates of PTB and factors of interest in understanding PTB in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland). This tool is part of the PTBi California effort to reduce the significant socioeconomic and racial disparities in preterm birth.

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Explore Birth Data

Preterm Birth by Subtype and Weeks.

Explore Demographic Data

Preterm Birth and Demographics Profiles.

Explore Environmental Pollution Data

Preterm Birth and Environmental Factors.

Explore Socioeconomic Data

Preterm Birth and Socio-Econimical Data.

Explore Pregnancy-Related Data

Preterm Birth and Pregnancy-Related Data.

Explore Built Environment Data

Preterm Birth and Environmental Factors.

Explore Health Risk Factor Data

Preterm Birth and Health Condition.

Explore Indexes

Preterm Birth and Health-related Indexes.

Explore CASHNI Index and Facilities

Preterm Birth, CASHNI index, and Healthcare Facilities.


Preterm Birth and Housing Insecurity in SF/Oakland

A StoryMap example of using PTBi data to explore the relationship between housing insecurity and preterm birth deliveries in San Francisco and Oakland area